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2020 News

National has changed the when dues are due. In the past, it went from the day you decided to join the League. Now everyone dues are due at the same time, except for life members. Dues are will be collected July first. This year, there will be two collections, January to the last of June and again the first of July. All other years will only have the July due date. Since the first period is six months, the dues are half. July's dues will be for a full year at the full rate.

To make things fun, our paymaster quit. I am looking for a new one please help if you can. In the mean time, I will be collecting the dues and paying the Department and National their share.

Gormley dues will increase to $40 due to the change. Your support for the Detachment has been eroded over the last decade because of increases to National and Department

The new life Member dues structure is as  follows:
Age Category 1-Jan-2014
0 - 35 $500
36 - 50 $400
51 - 64 $300
65 - over $200

VA news for retirees.
2008 Fed Vet Benefits Guide.pdf
SVAC BiAnn Rpt 1 May '09 - draft (2).pdf

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